The Best Fertility Treatment Centre in Hyderabad

Best Fertility Centre Hospital in Hyderabad

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Sree Fertility is one of the top fertility treatment centre in Hyderabad to implement world-class
treatment plans for Infertility. It has two branches in Hyderabad and is known to
provide the best treatment plans according to patient accessibility. Being one of
the Best Fertility Treatment Centre in Hyderabad, it established efficient care and
successful patient results. Infertility is the condition developed in the reproductive
system due to which one cannot conceive naturally. Most of the people are fearful to
know if they are having any infertility problems. It is the fear of letting society having
any opinions about them. This fear will be impacting in delaying or not responding to
future fertility treatments.

Best Infertility Hospital in Hyderabad

Couples starting the fertility treatment centre late realize they should have taken the course
of treatment a very long time ago. Many factors are influencing the treatment course.
Some of them being the age, lifestyle, health conditions of either or both of the
couple. Even after trying to conceive a baby for about a year without using
contraceptive courses, you may face infertility. It is best to consult doctors at
the Best Infertility Hospitals in Hyderabad. They evaluate both male and female
factors of the couple and find the reasons that oppose fertility and provide the best
treatment plans. Sometimes the evaluation or treatment plan may take longer than
expected as it involves different factors for men and women.

Factors that need evaluation in men are Semen Analysis, Critical Morphology,
Diagnostic semen wash, Endocrine Studies, Post-Coital Test, Antisperm Antibody
Testing, and Testicular Biopsy. Factors that need fertility evaluation in women are
Ovulatory Factor, Cervical Factor, Implantation Factor, and Uterine and Tubal
Factor. The above mentioned are the medical circumstances to be evaluated before
taking fertility treatment. There are a few other factors to be considered before
fertility treatment. Such as,
Age: The biological aspect age increases in men and women; with age, chances of
conceiving a child decrease. Every individual has their own set of biological
functioning that varies the options of fertility in them. Women under 30 and men
under 35 have brighter chances of conceiving a baby naturally.

Lifestyle: Every person has the individual lifestyle based on their interests. Change
in lifestyle may sometimes increase the chances of fertility. Smoking, alcohol
consumption, high caffeine, harmful radiation exposure, and excruciating physical
tasks can decrease fertility chances. Take care of your lifestyle and make a few good
changes to have a healthy and happy life.

Timing: The menstruating cycle in women have a fertility window. Not every woman
has the same fertility window; it depends on the length of the menstruation cycle. It is
the day when an egg is released from the ovaries. Having intercourse in this window
will increases the chances of getting pregnant very high. Consult the doctors for
ensuring the fertility window and plan your pregnancy according to it for better

Weight: Obesity and eating disorders are huge negative factors if you are planning
to conceive. Overweight bodies have a reduced hormonal balance, due to which the
chances of pregnancy decrease. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with exercises and
eating fresh food. Consult doctors to keep a diet that suits your healthy lifestyle.

According to the Indian society for assisted reproduction, 10% to 14% of India's
population are affected by infertility. Urban areas have the higher rate than rural.
Mostly about 27.5 million couples in India are actively trying to undergo fertility
treatments. It is a common problem than we can imagine. Often, the pressure of the
society and multiple questions by relative’s exhaust and irritate the couple seeking
fertility treatment. It can be equal to coping up just as any chronic ailment with all the
pressure of people. You need to understand many couples have faced this criticism
and still with firm determination, had fertility treatment, and are now living parenthood
at its best. Modern technology has evolved in the past few decades, and
reproductive medicine has solutions to all your fertility issues. The lack of knowledge
in reproductive medicine and infertility treatments lets it be a restriction in many

Infertility is mostly considered a female problem, but it is as much as a male problem
too. Studies show that a couple facing infertility issues may have female issues at

33%, problems males face at 33% and considering both are having issues at 33%.
The other 1% is not yet known in medicine. It is not the best thing to blame one other
for infertility. Consulting a gynaecologist will allow you to have information about your
infertility reasons. Feelings such as anger, depression, loss, lack of control can be
common at this time. You need to cope up with your emotions by reaching out to
doctors or your loved ones. Talk to them, and let them know about your feelings and
not let your emotions make you feel ashamed. There is nothing to be ashamed of
when you cannot conceive. Men and women think infertility as less masculine or less
feminine. No, it is not any less feminine and less masculine as you feel.
Acknowledge your feeling and seek support and guidance.

It is essential to know the cause of infertility in the couple. There can be many
reasons for infertility in either the male or female of the couple. Knowing the reason
for infertility by doctors can provide an efficient treatment plan that can bring you the
hope of parenthood. The Best infertility doctors in Hyderabad have decades of
experience in providing the best care.

Treatments provided at Sree Fertility are:

 Basic Evaluation & Analysis
 Intra-Uterine Insemination(IUI)
 In Vitro Fertilization(IVF) – ET (Test Tube Baby)
 Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
 Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI)
 In Vitro Maturation of Oocytes (IVM)
 Oocytes Vitrification
 Blastocyst Transfer
 Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)
 Assisted Laser Hatching
 Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA)
 Diagnostic & Operative Video Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy
 Surgery for Male Infertility
 Hormonal Assays
 Transvaginal Ultrasonography

The state-of-the-art technology with experienced and excellent doctors can guide
you through your fertility treatment centre. Care and support are given to the couples who
are going through the fertility treatments at Sree Fertility. We offer counselling and
guidance to the couple who face infertility to help them gain from the best treatment.
Our fertility experts have the highest success rate in infertility treatments. Take a
step towards the positivity of reproductive medicine to start your journey of

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