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Don't Delay Frozen Embryo Transfer After Failed IVF


A lot of times women are concerned after experiencing failed IVF with a fresh embryo transfer if that is the best action right along into another cycle for a frozen embryo transfer. If they wonder for any carryover effects from the ovarian stimulation and if they should wait to cycle to minimize any effects that could potentially impact endometrial receptivity. Through an analyzed data, they determined if the frozen embryo transfer is performed immediately or is delayed will there no significant difference in clinical pregnancy rates. Even after adjusting for potentially confounding factors like age, the number of good-quality
embryos produced, type of frozen embryo transfer cycle, stage, and a number of embryos transferred, and quality of embryos transferred, there is still no significant difference. In a multi-perspective, the live birth rate was 24.4% after immediately frozen embryo versus 24.1% after delayed frozen embryo transfer. Even though a large number of patients delay their frozen embryo transfer cycle due to patient stress, discontinuation, or numerous clinically unrelated reasons. This shows there is no need to wait for a frozen embryo transfer cycle. Did not find the ovarian stimulation had any carryover effect on the clinical pregnancy rate. By this patients have the option to have a frozen embryo transfer cycle immediately or delayed. It only delays the time to pregnancy if it is delayed.

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