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IS IMSI (Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection) Better Than ICSI

IS IMSI Better than ICSI, A baby completes the family and when a couple becomes parents, it gives a broader meaning to their life. While for some it is a very normal thing to give birth to a child, we know that for others, it seems like a dream. Infertility in men and women are the greatest enemies of a couple’s life and cause harm to their mental as well as physical health.

To be able to conceive is one of the biggest boons and also a superpower that every woman is being gifted with. However, not all are lucky in this regard since it also equally important that the male counterpart has fertile sperms.

Now, with Sree Fertility, you can now make all your dreams come true and tackle problems of male infertility! We understand how important a baby is to you. Equipped with all the modern technologies, we are ready to serve you with our best services. So be ready for an amazing experience and most importantly, optimistic. The best is yet to come!

What Is ICSI And How Does It Work?

Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is performed normal sperm cells under a routine 400 times magnifications. At this level of magnification, it becomes tough to distinguish morphologically healthy sperm.

It becomes difficult to detect accurate anomalies in the behaviour of each sperm. There are techniques that involve around magnification of the sperms around 10,160 times. These are ultra-high sperm analysis techniques.

Thus, the technique or the ICSI process remains the same but the amount of accuracy is what differentiates ICSI and IMSI. It is observed that people who failed the Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection process have got better results or fertile embryo during IMSI. The reason is a high magnification of the sperms in IMSI than in ICSI.

What Is IMSI And How Does It Work?

IMSI or Intra Cytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection is a technique that is used in In-Vitro-Fertilization treatment to examine and select a sperm using a high-magnification digital imaging microscope.

This technique with the help of a digital imaging microscope performs the microinjection into the egg. With the help of this technique, it becomes easy to assess the structure of the sperm and exclude the sperm with suspected variations from being injected into the available eggs.

By using the digital high-magnification of sperm, our scientists at Sree Fertility examine the individual sperm at almost 6000 times magnification. With such high magnification of the sperms, it becomes easy to understand the behavior of each sperm. Most importantly, this helps in understanding the sperms which exhibit abnormalities and are hence excluded from being used in the process of fertilization. Hence, if you have poor outcomes from ICSI treatments, this is what you must try.

The study and experiment-

There was a study on which technique is better. The main outcome measures of routine ICSI were compared with IMSI in three different groups of patients-

  • non-selected
  • male infertility
  • repeated implantation failure group

Later, the results were analyzed to evaluate the effects of the IMSI procedure. This was helpful in finding out the most suitable group of patients who may benefit from the procedure.

IMSI technique caused a significant increase in the fertilization and top quality embryo rates in the male infertility group. There was a significant increase in fertilization and pregnancy rates in the repeated implantation failure group.

Also, no effect was observed in the non-selected group with patients of various indications. Thus, we can understand that IMSI treatment best suits in the treatment of male infertility, because of the high magnification power used.

It was observed that there was a positive effect of Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection on the outcome of male factor infertility and repeated implantation failure.

When the patient Data was observed, it confirmed that the application of IMSI was beneficial for a selected group of patients with male factor infertility and repeated implantation failure. Hence it was observed that IMSI treatment has proved beneficial than ICSI. Although in some men ICSI works, it has been seen that IMSI produces more accurate and guaranteed results.

Understanding the approach-

The pregnancy in the female is a result of the strong sperm cells of her male counterpart. Hence, if you are facing the issue of Infertility and have no idea what has to be done about it, you can take all your worries and come to Sree Fertility. You will be advised on the type of treatment you must go for after a detailed analysis.

Future complications in pregnancy will also be detected. Be assured of a very comfortable and friendly atmosphere. You will be given expert advice by an embryologist. You can expect the best outcome. The experts at Sree Fertility will help you choose your type of treatment. There are chances that ICSI will help in some cases, but if that doesn’t work out, we have IMSI treatments for you.

Our goal is to provide affordable and quality care. You are never going to feel as if you are visiting an embryologist, but it is going to feel like visiting a friend for his advice.

At Sree Fertility, a dedicated team of IVF specialists is committed to delivering the highest standards of infertility treatment under complete privacy and confidentiality. There are thorough Research and Innovation are the cornerstones of the culture here.

You will be guided and totally informed about the kind of abnormalities that exist and what steps must be taken to go ahead with the issues. The experts will guide you over all the technical and scientific terms of the treatment.

We know that this is an important decision of your life and hence we want you to have complete knowledge of the same. Hence, depending upon the strength and type of male sperms, we are going to choose the right treatment between IMSI and ICSI for you. All the necessary tests will be done by us and we are going to assure you of your safety and confidentiality of your case.


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