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Male Infertility Treatment At Sree Fertility Hospital

Male Infertility Treatment at Sree Fertility Hospital. Infertility is always thought to be the condition for women. The scenario is not entirely real. Infertility is an obstruction of the natural fertility process either in male, female, or both partners. Even after having unprotected intercourse, if the couple cannot conceive the offspring, they have infertility issues. After a proper diagnosis and a few tests, infertility and the person having the infertility condition are known. Fertility Test for Men can determine the different conditions for infertility in them. Most of the time, proper medicine or lifestyle changes can alter their conditions and provides solutions. If the medications do not resolve their infertility condition, then the series of treatments and modernized techniques can help them have offspring.

Many of the couples do not admit the condition of infertility. It may be due to the fear of society’s judgment or lack of proper knowledge about infertility treatments. The last decade has witnessed many medical advancements. It has given hope to many couples by helping them bring their bundle of joy into the world. Treatments may seem time-consuming, but they are the proper way to make sure you have a healthy child. The advancements in reproductive medicine also made it easier for a couple to undergo a medical procedure affordably. The convenience and the patience of the couple is very much important in administrating the medical procedure. Qualified doctors with decades of experience in fertility treatment will be taking care of your medical procedures.

Before initializing the treatments, doctors will diagnosis the couple facing infertility conditions. There may be one or more underlying factors influencing the infertility conditions in the men. One of the main signs of infertility in the men is unable to conceive a child. Not every male needs to have the same symptoms or the same conditions of infertility. The infertility conditions vary from person to person based on the causes.

Symptoms Of Male Infertility

• Pain in the testicle area
• Reduced sexual desire
• Erectile dysfunction
• Hormonal abnormality
• A decrease in sperm count
• Recurrent infections
• Difficulty with the ejaculation of fluid

If any male has the symptoms mentioned above, then the chances of having infertility are higher. It is always better to consult a fertility expert when faced with the above symptoms. The earlier stage of symptoms may have better chances of resolving in very less time.

The fertility experts may suggest some tests after analyzing the symptoms. These tests determine the exact cause or reason for having an infertility condition. Some of the infertility tests are,

• Medical history
• Semen analysis
• Hormonal testing
• Sperm functional tests
• Scrotal ultrasound
• Transrectal ultrasound
• Testicular biopsy
• Post-ejaculation urine analysis

Each of the causes mentioned above determines the reason for infertility. If you have infertility, then one or more tests will let you answer your condition and, based on which you can undergo treatments. These tests are performed on you by the experienced doctors, and they will let you know about the cause of infertility.

Causes of Male Infertility

• Varicocele
• Sperm mobility
• Sperm morphology
• The testicle or epididymis infection
• Sexually transmitted diseases
• Undescended testicle
• Tumours
• Hormonal imbalance
• Chromosome defects
• Painful intercourse
• Retrograde ejaculation
• Immunologic infertility
• Obstruction of sperm

The chances of having infertility conditions depend on various medical or health-related issues. The medical issues for infertility conditions can be resolved with the treatments and surgeries. Even simple medication can sometimes cure the infertility condition in males.

The treatments included for male infertility at Sree Fertility Centre are,

• ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology)
• Hormonal treatments
• Fertility medications
• Antibiotic treatments for infections
• Medication for intercourse related issues
• Counselling
• Surgeries

The cause of infertility can be resolved with the series of treatments or medication as above. Also, lots of patience is required to follow the regular treatment plans for curing the medically related infertility condition. The cost and treatment plans may make you feel anxious but, keeping a pleasant state of mind is necessary. Counselling helps you to focus on conceiving with the guidance of fertility experts. Such as an increase in intercourse with your partner by trying in the female partner’s best duration. At the same time, health-related issues have to be taken care of by yourself. The lifestyle changes affect your infertility condition.

• Lifestyle changes include,
• Quit smoking
• Avoid consumption of alcohol
• Reduce junk food
• Avoid drugs
• Fitness routine
• Eat fruits and vegetables

A simple change in your lifestyle can bring many reasons for happiness. Avoiding smoking and alcohol can increase sperm levels, and you can have better chances of conceiving. Eating healthy and safe food can increase maintain body functions and help to reduce the hormonal imbalances. Regular exercising, yoga, or gym may increase your blood circulation and helps to have a fit body. Obesity is one reason for infertility, maintaining a healthy diet, and exercise schedule to stay healthy and active.

Along with lifestyle changes, it is also necessary it having emotional support. Most of the couples during the infertility treatments face depression and anxiety issues. Unable to control emotions and to feel unwanted may be the scenarios in their mind. If you or your loved ones feel the depression or anxiety issue during infertility treatment, it is better to consult fertility counsellors. Emotional support is essential in ensuring the proper functioning of the treatments.

In Hyderabad, Sree Fertility Hospital provides exceptional care and treatments to many people and brings a ray of hope in their life. The utmost importance is given to the patient’s state of mind, and assurance is provided with the advanced treatment plan. Many of the men have received excellent care and treatments for their infertility conditions. The success rate of the Infertility Treatment for Men are higher in the last few decades. Sree Fertility Centre has world-class equipment and experienced fertility doctors. They can guide you through your fertility condition along the process of the treatments and procedures. Regular check-ups and focused treatments are given to every individual for having fruitful results. Make your life happier by turning your dreams of having a child into reality by following the infertility treatment plans. Our exceptional unit of doctors will support your journey from infertility to having a child. Consult today for treatments of your infertility condition.


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