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Surrogacy Centres In Hyderabad

Surrogacy is one of the biggest challenges a couple of faces when they have decided to start their family using a surrogate. Many questions surround them about the surrogacy agency, the surrogate they choose, and a lot more.

Before you choose a surrogacy program, you need to be well aware of all the processes, what surrogacy means, and how the process unfolds. So, let us start by knowing what surrogacy actually means.

Surrogacy Or A Surrogate Mother – What Do We Need To Know About It

Surrogacy is a medical process which enables couples to make their dream of becoming parents come true using artificial insemination. There are two types of surrogate mothers.

The traditional surrogate – In this process, the surrogate is artificially inseminated using the father’s sperm. The surrogate mother carries the baby, and she delivers the baby the couple to raise. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate happens to be the biological mother of the baby. This is true as her egg is fertilized by the sperm of the father. In some cases, the sperm of the donor too can be used. Sree Fertility, one of the best hospitals in the city offers various treatments for infertility.

Gestational surrogates – During gestational surrogacy, a procedure called IVF is used. The eggs from the mother are gathered and are fertilized using the sperm from the father or a donor. The fertilized egg is then placed in the surrogate’s embryo, into her uterus.

In this case, the surrogate mother delivers the baby, but she does not have genetic ties. The reason for this is that the process uses the egg from the real mother. In the process of gestational surrogacy, the surrogate is called as the birth mother, and the one whose egg is fertilized I called as the biological mother. More information about these procedures can be obtained from the clinics in Hyderabad.

Surrogacy – Who Is It For?

There are many reasons why a woman might choose a surrogate. Let us have a look at some of them.

– Surrogacy is an option if you have a medical problem related to the uterus.

– If you have had your uterus removed due to hysterectomy

– Medical conditions that have reduced the chances of pregnancy or have risky health conditions like heart diseases.

How To Find A Surrogate

Couples or single men or women can find a surrogate mother in various ways. Let us learn about a few methods you can choose.

From family or friends – Many times a friend or a family can come to your help and can be your surrogate. Though it sounds controversial, many prefer to have a surrogate from their family as it reduces the cost and the legal issues as well. Relations between family members are easy to manage and one can be clear about parental rights.

Many agencies or health organizations often discourage the idea of choosing a surrogate from the family as the child born might have the same gene of relatives.

Via an agency – This is the option used by most of the people who opt for surrogacy. A surrogacy agency can help you find the right gestational surrogate. There are more than 100 agencies in the country, who act as professional go-betweens.

The surrogacy centres not only help you with finding a surrogate, but they also make all the necessary arrangements. They collect the fees which are to be passed between the individuals and the surrogate like paying for medicines, procedures, etc. Again, the cost of the treatment or the medicines suggested might differ from one hospital to another.

How To Choose The Right Surrogacy Centre In Hyderabad

Like other cities, Hyderabad has a good number of reputed surrogacy centres. One such example is the Sree Fertility hospital, which provides excellent services to their patients. Whatever the treatment you choose, make sure you enquire about the price, or the additional charges if any. If a surrogacy clinic does not offer a service, they would suggest or locate you with service providers like lawyers, managers, and so on.

So, before you go ahead a choose a surrogacy centre, make sure you ask the below-mentioned questions. This way you can be sure that you are making the right choice for your future.

How Do They Choose Their Surrogates?

This is one of the most important questions you need to ask. The surrogate will be the birth or the biological mother to your child, and you need to make sure to choose the best woman for that. You need to choose an agency, which screens their surrogates extensively and have a large pool of surrogates to choose from. This way, the couple who needs a surrogate can choose the person who matches with the personality traits they are looking for. The agency needs to conduct a thorough background check along with the medical checkups.

Ask About The Legal Services Provided By Them

Every city or country has different surrogacy laws, and hence the agency you choose needs to provide you with any legal help when needed. Legal counsel is necessary to avoid troubles in the future, which often arise due to parental rights. Choose an agency that has an in-house legal counsel. If they do not, ask if they can recommend an expert who would handle it until the end.

Is The Agency Transparent?

Surrogacy in itself is a stressful decision, and you do not want to get into any hassles once the process is started. Therefore, you need to pick an agency that is confident about the services provided and needs to share all the information with you. You need to make sure that all the transactions are as transparent as possible. If you feel that the agency is hiding something, it is better you clear it immediately.

Sree Fertility centre uses a transparent process and they are quite upfront about the services they provide. Every process starts with an hour of consultation where you are explained every step in detail.

The above-mentioned are a few questions you need to ask a surrogacy clinic. Make sure you do your own homework before choosing the best surrogacy centres in Hyderabad.


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