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How To Enhance Pregnancy Chances Through Assisted Hatching Treatment?

Assisted Hatching:

Assisted Hatching is the laboratory procedure, which is followed by IVF treatment or other treatments. It is very much necessary to know complete details about IVF before learning about assisted hatching.

Conceiving in women is a natural process, due to many of the factors relating to the health and others, few women cannot conceive naturally. To reduce infertility in women and make them embrace motherhood, this procedure is performed.

What is Infertility?

Infertility is the inability to conceive children naturally. Even after having unprotected intercourse with a partner for one year, if a couple could not conceive the child, it can be called Infertility.

There might be many factors contributing to the purpose of infertility in women. Health factor, lifestyle, sperm functioning of the male partner, age factors, and few other factors can be the reason for infertility.

It is said that 33% of the infertility cases are by the women, other 33% infertility cases are from men, another 33% cases of infertility is related to both the partners and the remaining 1% reasons are not known.

Today’s modern age technology has been growing in each sector, giving new hope and scope to the people. Infertility treatment using the advanced age technology is quite a simple way to provide the promise to the women to embrace the motherhood.

There are different infertility treatments available for women who cannot conceive naturally. Treatment depends entirely on the type of infertility issue they are facing. Types of infertility treatments are:

Intrauterine Insemination

IVF Treatment

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

IMSI Fertility Treatment

In-Vitro Maturation Process

Assisted Hatching Treatment

Above mentioned types of treatments are the most popular infertility treatments. According to the infertility issue of the patient, the treatment proceeds.

The natural process of conceiving happens when the sperm of a man attaches to the egg. The egg fertilizes and creates an embryo. It takes 40 weeks for an entire cycle from the menstrual period to childbirth.

If the couple could not conceive even after having unprotected intercourse for one year, they can be having infertility issues. After performing a complete analysis, a gynaecologist will suggest the best option for you.

What is IVF treatment?

In Vitro Fertilization is the process of manually combining sperm and the matured eggs in the laboratory. In the natural process, the sperm enters into matured eggs, and the egg then fertilizes along the fallopian tube in the uterus.

First eggs are retrieved from the ovaries, the process is known as ovulation induction. Every month a single matured egg is produced in the ovaries. In case of infertility issues, the eggs in the women are matured by giving some medicines and treatments, and later one or more matured eggs are retrieved.

A sample of sperm is collected and stored. Now in the laboratory, matured eggs are combined with the sperm cells collected from the male partner or the donor, to form an embryo.

This process of artificially combining sperm cells with the matured eggs is known as insemination. Once the embryo or embryos form the best of them are transferred into the uterus. This is the entire process of IVF treatment, and it has a high success rate of pregnancy.

What is Assisted Hatching Treatment?

One of the highly successful and innovative treatments, which increase your chance of pregnancy, can be the assisted Hatching. Assisted Hatching IVF is the process to enhance the chances of pregnancy.

As known in the IVF process, the matured eggs are fertilized with sperm in the laboratory to form a healthy embryo. The fertilized eggs will be in observation for a few days before transferring into the uterus.

The chances through IVF are good in many cases. But, if the embryo does not hatch and implant in the uterus then the pregnancy is not possible.

The chances of pregnancy through IVF can be improved through assisted hatching technology when the embryo is developing enclosed by the protective layer.

The protective layer of the embryo is called zona pellucida. It is the outer layer of the embryo. A small hole is made artificially on the zona pellucida layer using solutions.

Forming a crack or hole in the outer layer of the embryo can be efficient before being placed in the uterus as it can increase the chances to implant and hatching of the embryo.

There are also chances of identical twins with assisted hatching technology. This treatment can be beneficial to the infertility patients whose previous IVF treatments were unsuccessful.

One more type of assisted hatching is through laser. It is known as Laser Assisted Hatching. It is a very advanced assisted hatching in which laser is used.

Laser-Assisted Hatching:

There might be many treatments for infertility. But the success rate of them is a significant factor. One of the main aspects is the embryo has to implant in the uterine wall themselves.

Many of the treatments might not be successful at this point. The advent of laser has played a historic role in enhancing the chances of pregnancy through assisted hatching.

The fine layer of zona pellucida is essential for the hatching of the embryo. In the below cases, the zona pellucida might be the reason for failure.

Women who are using frozen embryos with hardened zona pellucida might be having the failure in the implantation in the uterus.

Thick cells or low division rate may cause the zona pellucida in not implanting.

Women with one or more IVF attempts failed.

In the above cases, the Laser-Assisted Hatching can be the solution.

Laser-Assisted Hatching is the process to help embryo hatch and implant successfully in the uterine line through the protective layer of Zona Pellucida. To promote the implantation after the transfer of the embryo Laser-Assisted Hatching is performed.

A highly focused beam of the infrared laser removes the Zona pellucida in a precise manner. In the earlier process of assisted hatching, chemical solutions are utilized to crack the zona pellucida, in Laser-Assisted Hatching laser beam is used, which saves time and effort of the process. It also increases the chances of pregnancy.

Assisted Hatching treatment in Hyderabad is done to improve the chances of pregnancy. Welcome motherhood with favourable fertility treatments and improve the chances of pregnancy.


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