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Pregnant Women Stages & Their Lifestyle!

A Brief About Pregnant Women:

Creation of a human is beautiful. The evolution of human birth from pregnant women is a spectacular process. The journey of a sperm to the egg and the formation of the baby is a miracle.

Around all these magnificent things, it’s the mother who feels the happiness and pain when a baby is in her womb.

Having a baby is a beautiful and joyful experience. It also includes a significant amount of risk for the mother and child if not taken proper care.

Every pregnant woman should have a healthy lifestyle during the pregnancy for happier and healthier childbirth.

To know what a healthy lifestyle is during pregnancy, you must know about the pregnancy stages. The stages in pregnancy are known as Trimesters.

Pregnancy is about 40 weeks. The day of your last menstrual period to the childbirth, it’s divided into three trimesters.

First Trimester A Pregnant Women:

The First trimester counts from the conception to the 12th week of pregnancy. Early stages of pregnancy signify in this trimester, and every pregnant woman faces many changes and feels it in this trimester.

The changes in the hormones will gradually affect every organ in the body. Changes in your body may affect your daily routine.

It is advised not to take stress about the changes in your body during pregnancy. Signs of early pregnancy may include the following:

Weight gain or loss

Mood swings

Cravings to certain foods


Morning sickness

Frequent urination



In the first trimester, an embryo develops into a fetus. Second Trimester of Pregnant Women:

Second Trimester:

The second trimester counts from 13th week to 27th week. The second trimester is better than the first trimester. As the morning sickness and fatigue will reduce eventually.

Baby’s skin starts to develop. Internal organs of the baby will be forming in this trimester.  The baby will now be 12 inches tall. Your baby bump will be appearing with the growing baby, and you may feel the baby’s movement.

Signs of the second trimester include:

Patches of dark sign

Swelling in the legs

Numbness in hands

Stretch marks

Back pain

Itching on the palm and soles

Third Trimester:

The last stage of pregnancy is the third trimester. It is from week 29 to week 40 or till birth. Due to the growth of the baby, there will be pressure on the internal organs of the mother.

Even breathing and urinating might be difficult. It is utmost required for the pregnant lady to take care of her and the baby in the third trimester.

Few signs of the third trimester include,

Swelling continues from the second-trimester


Shortness of the breath

Difficulty in sleeping


Movements of the baby gradually increase in this trimester. Baby’s soft bones form. Due to an increase in body fat, the weight of the baby increases.

To the end of the third trimester, the baby organs start to function on their own. Once the third trimester is completed based on the health, the baby is delivered. 

Pregnancy is not just for the women who conceive naturally, and technology has spread its wings to enhance the opportunities of the women to be a mother.

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If you are pregnant or thinking to take care of pregnant women, you need to know the primary aspects of trimesters. Following the guidelines of doctor from the Best Fertility Centre in Hyderabad, it is required to understand the other aspects of pregnancy.

As we have known about the trimesters of the pregnancy, now let us know about the type of care needed for the pregnant lady, as to secure the health of mother and child at the time of childbirth.

Pregnancy is one of the delicate phases of women life. It is required to have planned care. It is very much advised to have a midwife or any other support system that can take care of the health and food of pregnant women.

As staying healthy and taking regular vitamins is essential for the child and the pregnant women.

Doctor checkups: Once you think you might have missed your periods or have a home tested being pregnant, then schedule an appoint at the best gynaecologist. Having a doctor checkup for the confirmation of pregnancy is necessary.

Once your reports are positive, then your doctor will schedule the periodic checkups for every month or 15 days to know about the status of your pregnancy with the health of you and your baby.

A doctor would suggest some vitamins to make you and your baby have complete nutrition. If there are any complications in your pregnancy, it is easy for the doctor to spot them with regular checkups, and they can cure the complexity as early as they detect it.

Then you may take proper measures to reduce the complications in the future. It is better to expect the baby around the due date and reach the hospital before massive contractions. Once the baby is delivered, have the complete health checkup of the baby.

Food: Health is a crucial aspect of pregnant women. Eating a balanced diet can make your health better. Raw or not fully cooked food might put your health at risk.

Ensure the meat food to be cooked properly. Water is an essential fluid in human life as it regulates body temperature and maintains blood pressure. Drink water to keep yourself hydrated.

Fruits and Vegetables: Wash your fresh fruits and vegetables before eating them. Cutting boards and the dishes should always be cleaned before and after using.

Eat fruits which are rich in proteins and vitamins. Do take advice from your gynaecologist as per the fruits which kinds of fruits are good for you and your unborn child.

Caffeine: Reduce the caffeine quantity at the time of the pregnancy. 1 or 2 glasses of caffeine might be enough only after the doctor’s advice.

Dairy Products: Minimize the intake of dairy products at the time of pregnancy. Do not eat or drink unpasteurized food as the bacteria in them may cause the infections in both the mother and the child.

Eat the nutritious food which is the source for proteins and vitamins. To let the unborn child have good health, pregnant women must take the required amount of proteins and vitamins as suggested by the doctor.

Take plenty of rest, as the excess stress may have adverse effects on the baby. Do not continuously sit or stand for long hours, as it might put pressure on certain parts of your body.

Sleep when you are tired and try to nap in between your hefty schedules. Napping for a small interval can reduce your stress and make to energetic again.

Exercise: Activeness at the time of pregnancy can make your childbirth easy. If you have been doing workouts before pregnancy, then you can continue with simple workouts even after pregnancy.

But, be assured you can only do exercises after a doctor’s approval.

According to you and your baby’s health doctor might or might not suggest workout. As long as your doctor says its safe, you can be doing them.

Exercise can help in preventing excess weight gain, Improves sleep, Increases energy, reduce pregnancy-related complications, and also it will lessen the recovery.

Eating food and being healthy is the top priority so, to maintain your health follow these rules strictly during your pregnancy:

Do not smoke

Do not drink

Do not use drugs

Stay away from dust particles

Spend time in a pleasant atmosphere

Do consult your gynaecologist if you notice,


Dark or blurry vision

An ailment or infection

Colds or fever

A change in your baby’s inclinations

Headaches that are critical or won’t go away

Less urine or burning when you urinate

Blood or fluid coming from your vagina

Unexpected or extreme swelling of your face or fingers

Nausea and vomiting that won’t go away

Relentless pain or cramps in your lower abdomen

Other signs that might bother you.

The most important thing during pregnancy is being happy and enjoying the phase. When you smile and be cheerful, the same response is being generated by the baby too.

For having a positive impact on the baby, you must not stress or be sad, be happy, and let the baby inside you implicate to it.

Above are the primary aspects of how to take care of pregnant women. Irrespective of the month of your pregnancy you have to be cautious and think about two lives, you and your unborn child.

Everything you eat and do is for the two people, keep it in mind and have the best of everything for you. They say the changes during pregnancy lasts for nine months, but, the beauty of motherhood embraces you for a lifetime.

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