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Conceiving, Pregnancy, Its Stages & Age Factor

Conceiving and Pregnancy its Stages Parenthood is the responsibility and also a bundle of joys for parents. At any stage, having kids will be a beautiful experience. The recent statistics say that parenthood at older ages is a trend. Well, age is just a number. In most cases, age creates complications for pregnancy. Non-conceiving problems Test in Hyderabad can treat your infertility problems.

There many other reasons for choosing the older age parenthood. Such as,

Busy life schedule: Their passion for work drives most of the men and women who are working or doing business at young ages. The promotions, profitable projects, business tensions can make them have no-time for their personal life. Their busy schedules can make them decide to have children at older ages.

Infertility problem: Infertility is not conceiving a child naturally even after unprotected intercourse for a year. There are many reasons for infertility in men and women. It can be due to medical problems in the reproductive system or due to psychological causes in either men or women.  Best Fertility Treatment Centre in Hyderabad has solutions for your infertility problems.

The balance of work and life should be managed very well. Ages after 35 will get complicated in pregnancy both in males and females.

Age-Related issues: The female body at birth has sufficient eggs for 50 to 60 years of her life. Whenever she menstruates, the ovaries release one matured egg. As women age, the process of releasing matured egg gets complicated. The strength of the healthiness at ages 25 to 35 may not be the same after 35 years of age. Even in the men, the testosterone levels may be high for an entire life, but in few, after a certain age, it lowers. The best fertility centre in Hyderabad has the treatment for low testosterone problems.

What is the process of conceiving a child?

To conceive means being pregnant with a child. When male and female partners have unprotected sexual intercourse with good chances, a female can conceive a child naturally. The best time to conceive a child is five days before the ovulation called a fertile window. The timing of the process is necessary to improve the chances of pregnancy.  Best Infertility Specialist in Hyderabad suggests having sex during the fertile window will increase the chances of pregnancy.

Along with the advantages of a fertile window, both the partners have to be healthy. Healthy sperm and egg have higher chances of conceiving a child. Sperm can stay in women’s bodies up to three days, and an egg can only be present in the fallopian tube up to 24 hours. The Best Infertility Specialist in Hyderabad says that if the egg enters into the fallopian tube, which has sperm can increase pregnancy chances.

Often people might not get pregnant at times they wanted to, and few may be pregnant after weeks, or months. If they are delayed by a year or so, then there are infertility issues. Best Fertility Treatment Centre in Hyderabad can provide the treatment for infertility issues.

What is the duration of Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is considered one of the most amazing things in women’s life. The process where new life is forming is very precious. The average duration of the pregnancy starting from the last day of the menstrual period to the childbirth, and it is 38 to 42 weeks.

Week-1 to week-4: 

In the first four weeks, the female egg is fertilized by the sperm. The baby in the size of the rice grain is developed.

Week-5 to week-8:

The baby is now called an embryo and is developing its organs. The heart starts beating and pumps oxygen and blood from the mother’s bloodstream.

Week-9 to week-12:

The embryo is now called as the fetus. The facial features start to develop at this stage. Teeth are inside the gums, and the heart begins to grow, tiny muscular movements begin at this stage.

Week-12 to week-16:

Nails will be growing at this stage. Baby has vocal cords by now. The size of the baby increases. The facial features and organs are grown by now.

Week-17 to week-20:

The fetus can now hear the voices from outside. The gender of the baby can be distinguished at this stage with an ultrasound.

Week-21 to week-24:

Eyelids are formed, and the baby can open and close them. The baby will start making breathing movements. The baby is around 33 cms.

Week-25 to week-28:

The head and the body grow in proportion, and the total weight of the baby is about 1 kilogram.

Week-29 to week-32:

Baby will be sleeping mostly at this stage. Strong movements can be felt from the baby. The head-down position is taken by the baby and will be preparing for the delivery process.

Week-33 to Week-36:

The baby born at this stage has plenty of chances for a healthy baby. Lungs functioning will be increases.

Week-37 to Week-42:

The baby is large and is ready for delivery. The indications of this are given by the bond between the child and the mother.

These are the stages of the pregnancy, and the baby states in the womb.

What are the causes of infertility?

Male and females have a few infertility issues. Day to day habits, genetical, or psychological, others may have been the reasons for the infertility issues. Treatment at Best Fertility Clinic in Hyderabad will solve your infertility issue. The infertility issues that arise with age in women are:

Painful periods

Absent of periods

Pelvic inflammatory diseases


Multiple miscarriages

The infertility issues that arise with age in men are:

Low sperm count

Poor sperm quality

Small testicles

Prostate problems

Other sperm related problems

These are the cases that can lower the chances of pregnancy with the age factor. Consult Top fertility hospital in Hyderabad to solve infertility issues of the age.

What is the role of age in the pregnancy of women?

Age plays a significant role in increasing the chances of conceiving a healthy baby. Women are most fertile and have the best chances of pregnancy in their early 20’s. After the age of 25, the chances of conceiving baby decreases by 20%. At age 30, the chances of conceiving a healthy baby decrease by 40%. The more you age, the possibilities get lower, and the complications get higher. The Best infertility doctors in Hyderabad suggest having the baby in early ’20s. The health of the baby is as important as a mother. The mother may be healthy at 35, but the quality of the egg or the sperms gets decreases producing an unhealthy baby. To have a healthy baby get pregnant before the ’30s.

Does age play a significant role in men too?

Yes, just as the women, men’s age also plays a significant role. The quality of sperm in men lowers with age. Healthy sperm can produce a healthy baby. After the 40’s age, the sperm level, and the quality get low. Best IUI Center in Hyderabad suggests men have the 1st child before 40 years. It improves the chances of having a healthy baby and reduces complications.

Health is very much important. To have a happy family, plan a healthy baby at the right time. Design beautiful parenthood at an early age to avoid complications.


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